M'LIS DETOX Body Purifier (90 v-caps)


M'LIS DETOX Body Purifier (90 v-caps)

Product Details

  • M'LIS Detox Body Purifier is part of the complete M'LIS Detoxification Kit and also included in the M'LIS Total Body Cleanse packets.
  • M'LIS Detox Body Purifier helps cleanse your circulatory, lymphatic, and respiratory systems.
  • This product helps removes bacteria, viruses, and toxins that impair immune function and cause illness.
  • This supplement may also be used as an individual supplement to strengthen the immune system in times that it may be compromised.

Features and benefits:

  • Relieve gas and pains in the bowels
  • Lower inflammation in the system
  • Lubricate the intestinal tract
  • Boost Immune System
  • Fights bacteria, virus, yeast, mold, and worms
  • Removes environmental chemicals and harmful food additives

Ingredients: Red Clover Blossom, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Purpurea Herb, Ginger Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Oregon Grape Root, Burdock Seed, Golden Seal Root, Yellow Dock Root.

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose (Capsule).

Suggested Use: Take 2-3 capsules daily with a large glass of water