CALA HAIR JEWELRY # 85804 Be Dazzled 40pcs

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CALA HAIR JEWELRY # 85804 Be Dazzled 40pcs

· Made in South Korea

· Hot iron rhinestones to style your hair on a daily basis or special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or proms.

· 4mm Set

· 40pcs /package. You decide where to place the jewels and how many do you want to use.

· Easy to use

· Hair application using any flat iron set to 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Do NOT apply heat on your hair for more than 10 seconds.

· Detailed instructions illustrated on the back of the package

· Hair jewelries will detach after 3-10 days with regular shampooing.

· For quick removal, rub the jewels between your fingers using a small amount of alcohol based solvent.

· Save money by doing it yourself instead of paying for lots of money in the salon to style your hair with gems.

CAUTION: Small pieces. Choking hazard. Not recommended for children ages 7 and younger. Adult supervision required.