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This item can be purchased as a PreOrder.  It will be shipped out from the Philippines around the first week of November.   Will likely arrive in the US in the 3rd or 4th week of November.  Limited stocks.  Preorder now!  

You will only get 1 Ninjaion in black color. 

Breath safe, clean air.  Helps deactivate most viruses and bacteria.  Aids in purifying the air around the wearer. 

Ninja Ion is the newest device that will help you fight and prevent yourself from viruses.

It is a personal air purifier that leads the industry with its ability to release 200 million anions.

Ninja Ion aids in purifying the air around the wearer and helps kill most viruses and bacteria. It also helps block common allergens and dust particles. Ninja Ion can also be used up to 80 hours for every full charge with its super boosted battery life, aside from that it is very convenient to use due to its lightweight which is barely 35 grams.

PACKAGE INCLUSIONS:  NINJAion Device. USB Cable, Lanyard, and User Manual 

PRODUCT PARTS:  Anion Releaser on top, On/Off button and indicator light in the front, and USB Port at the bottom


Rated Voltage:  DC 5V

Power:  1W

Anion:  2 x 10 (7th power) pcs/cm (3rd power)

Dimension:  74.5 x 29 x 22mm

Net Weight:  35g

Power Supply:  USB


Charging Method:  

1.  Connect the USB with the device's USB port located at the bottom.  (Please ensure the orientation is correct) 

2.  Connect the other side of the USB cable to a power source or other USB connection socket, the indicator light will be flashing when charging and solid when full charge. 

3.  Please make sure to unplug the USB cable once fully charged. 

Full charging time: about 30 minutes. 

Continuous working time:  About 80 hours ( +/- 10%) 


Attached the lanyard on the device. press the device ON/OFF button, the device starts working when the indicator is on. Press the ON/OFF button again to turn off. 


When working, the indicator light will stay solid blue.

When power off, the indicator light will turn off.

When charging, the indicator will keep flashing in green color.

When fully charged, the indicator light will turn blue.

Watch the DEMO:  

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